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Imagine a world where you could detect health issues sooner to treat them more effectively.  Where food and water are always safe, even in remote corners of the earth. And where scientific and medical research are enhanced to solve the greatest challenges of our times. At PerkinElmer, we imagine this world every day.  Then we innovate and collaborate to make it happen everywhere.

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We designed and developed our highly sensitive pathogen detection assays specifically for the food testing industry so they can be used for testing food production environments as well as the food itself. We offer either one- or two-step enrichment processes to fit your time-to-result requirements and each robust assay kit, combined with dedicated selective enrichment media, has been validated and certified to ISO 16140 and/or AOAC Performance Tested Method standards. Our outstanding Solus One Salmonella assay for next day detection has also been awarded AOAC Official Method of Analysis status. For a truly powerful pathogen detection system, pair our excellent assays with our automated liquid handling option to maximize your lab productivity and efficiency.”