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22nd June 2021  Content supplied by: Sino Biological US Inc.

World's Largest Recombinant Viral Antigen Collection Includes Coronavirus Catalog

Recombinant antigens are key reagents in infectious disease research, which are widely used in therapeutic antibody and vaccine development. Sino Biological has independently developed the world's largest recombinant viral antigen collection, ProVir™, which features an exclusive coronavirus catalog, a comprehensive collection of influenza antigens, and many other hard-to-find viral proteins such as Zika, RSV, Ebola, and Cytomegalovirus.

The ProVir™ viral antigen bank includes over 1,000 antigens from 90 virus types/subtypes and 350 strains, and has been widely used worldwide in infectious disease research, therapeutic antibody evaluation, immunodiagnostic assay, and vaccine development.

Recombinant SARS-CoV-2 Variants

The B.1.1.7 variants, the P.1 variant, the B.1.351 variant, and the most recent variant B.1.617 first detected in India are of particular concern because of their high prevalence. Sino Biological has developed a panel of recombinant RBD/Spike and nucleocapsid protein variants which can be used to evaluate the efficacy of the antibodies and vaccination.2126_Sinio_Provir_SARSCoV2_variants

Click here for SARS-CoV-2 variants or click here for SARS-CoV-2 reagent tools


Recombinant Antigens for Influenza Vaccine Strains

The ProVir™ collection features 630+ HA, NA, and ME antigens from over 250 strains of influenza viruses, including vaccine strains and the pandemic strains. Sino Biological offers recombinant Flu antigens from all WHO-recommended vaccine strains in recent years.


Click here for Recombinant Antigens for 2015-2022 Flu Vaccine Strains


Recombinant Antigens for More Infectious Viruses

The ProVir™ collection offers antigens from a variety of viruses associated with many kinds of infecious diseases, ranging from Ebola and Zika to common ones like RSV, HPV, and HIV. It also features rare virus types such as the Rift Valley fever and Vesicular stomatitis Indiana viruses.


Click here for 1000+ Recombinant Viral Antigens



Date Published: 22nd June 2021

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