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6th July 2021  Product update: VectorBuilder

Strategic Partnership Formed for Optimized Custom Viral Vector Production

VectorBuilder has formed a worldwide strategic partnership with Univercells Technologies, a provider of novel biomanufacturing technologies for flexible and scalable viral vector production.

VectorBuilder’s manufacturing center in Guangzhou, China, will work with Univercells Technologies to develop and optimize platform processes for the production of custom viral vectors for cell and gene therapies, as well as vaccine applications.

Rapid advances in cell and gene therapy in recent years, as well as the intense interest in recombinant viral vaccines brought on by COVID-19, has significantly increased the demand for custom viral vectors, especially GMP-grade vectors.

Traditional manufacturing technologies lack the cost-effectiveness and scalability to accommodate this growing demand, so this new partnership – combining both companies’ capabilities, services, and existing technologies – aims to develop a portfolio of optimized viral vector manufacturing protocols to help maximize customers’ performance and commercial success.

Univercells Technologies’ scale-X™ bioreactors portfolio and the NevoLine™ Upstream platform both offer high-performing production capacities while drastically reducing footprint and costs. The scale-X hydro (2.4 m2) and carbo (10 and 30 m2) bioreactors are a great asset for accelerating process development and supporting clinical validation. These systems are complemented by the NevoLine™ Upstream platform – featuring an integrated scale-X nitro (200 and 600 m2) bioreactor – to provide a comprehensive technology range for seamless transition to commercial manufacture.

The scale-X carbo system and the NevoLine Upstream platform are featured in VectorBuilder’s state-of-the-art GMP Process Development facility in Guangzhou, China for optimizing vector manufacturing at commercial scale.

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Date Published: 6th July 2021

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