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8th November 2021  Content supplied by: Fluidigm

Seize The Power of qPCR and Integrated Fluidic Circuitry and Revolutionize Your Lab Today

Real-time PCR, also referred to as quantitative PCR (qPCR), has become the standard in many labs for accurate, sensitive, and precise detection of both DNA and RNA targets. For many researchers who employ this technology, automated workflows provide the added benefits of cost savings, ease of use, and standardization.

Enter Biomark™ X, a transformative platform built on proven microfluidics technology to seize the power of real-time PCR across a broad range of applications. Integrated fluidic circuits (IFCs) form the backbone of the Biomark X system, supporting different configurations of samples and assays for multiple applications.

Each Dynamic Array™ IFC is precision-manufactured to exacting standards of performance and reliability. Fluidigm IFCs empower genomics research by automating molecular biology in nanoliter volumes. These reduced reaction volumes mean using less of your precious samples and assay reagents, lowering cost while achieving the high-quality, consistent results your work depends on.

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Date Published: 8th November 2021

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