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27th October 2021  Content supplied by: Promega Corporation

New Direct PCR Applications for Challenging Sample Types

The XpressAmp™ Direct Amplification Reagents provide an extraction-free method to prepare samples for PCR-based amplification. With an easy 3 step workflow, the simple protocol speeds your time to results by reducing hands-on time and consumables required, compared to traditional extraction methods.

Initially developed as a response to the increased demand for testing and research in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, Promega sought a solution that would allow analysis of nasopharyngeal swabs stored in transport media without first performing the RNA extraction step of the PCR workflow.

Following the development of the workflow for this initial sample type, we have continued to explore other sample applications for the XpressAmp™ reagents. The kit's amplification solution sequesters and overcomes PCR inhibitors, which not only helps avoid skewed quantification in qPCR but also helps make the reagents compatible with so many different sample types. We are pleased to be able to share our new XpressAmp™ applications for a variety of challenging sample types.

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Date Published: 27th October 2021

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