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11th November 2021  Product update: rapidvirology staff writer

Multiplex qPCR Assay Detects 3 Common Cannabis Plant Viral Infections

Medicinal Genomics has developed a PathoSEEK® qPCR assay that can be used to screen plants for three common virus infections: Lettuce Chlorosis Virus, Hop Latent Viroid, and Cannabis Cryptic Virus.

DNA can be extracted from infected fan leaves using SenSATIVAx® DNA Purification Kits, and the multiplex assay can be run on the Agilent AriaMX and BioRad CFX96.

This starter bundle will provide all the necessary reagents to get started testing for these viruses:

  • Leaf Punch Lysis Solution (2x96 rxns)
  • RT-qPCR Master Kit (200 rxns)
  • Multiplex Virus Assay Panel A (200 rxns)
  • Positive Controls for HLVd, LCV, and CCV (50 rxns each)

In a case study, published by Medicinal Genomics, involving a premium cannabis cultivator serving patients on the US east coast, the team used this assay to screen 25 plants in the flower room and discovered 93% of plants were infected with Lettuce Chlorosis virus (LCV) and detected the virus in 65 out of 80 mother plants. This allowed them to produce virus-free plants by a tissue culture process, which was confirmed by this assay kit too. Read the case study here

All Medicinal Genomics reagents are manufactured in a facility certified to ISO 9001 standards.

Request information using the button provided below or visit Medicinal Genomics's website.



Date Published: 11th November 2021

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