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28th June 2021  Product update: rapidvirology staff writer

License to Use CRISPR COVID-19 Technology Proves to Be Popular Option Worldwide

The 221b Foundation, a nonprofit organization established by Sherlock Biosciences to address the global COVID-19 pandemic while promoting diverse representation in STEM, has announced that its partnerships will increase COVID-19 diagnostic manufacturing capacity by up to 10 million tests per month by year-end.

Through multiple license agreements this year with organizations including ALBOT Technologies, Cooper International, LogicInk, Rokline, United PPE and binx health, The 221b Foundation has enabled manufacturing and global distribution in the U.S., United Arab Emirates, India and Singapore, and is in discussions to expand beyond these geographies to increase access for vital diagnostic solutions around the world.

The 221b Foundation was founded to aid in the fight against the global COVID-19 pandemic by enabling access to the intellectual property associated with the company’s SHERLOCK™ CRISPR-based technology. Proceeds from third-party sales of SHERLOCK CRISPR COVID-19 products have supported programs that promote racial and gender diversity in STEM, including HMS MEDscience, Scratch, and The Akilah Institute.

Since receiving Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in May 2020 for its Sherlock™ CRISPR SARS-CoV-2 kit – the first FDA-authorized use of CRISPR technology – The 221b Foundation has continued to increase access to the technology through partnerships around the world.

“Since launching The 221b Foundation, we have continued to advance the platform workflow to provide a high-throughput, low cost and incredibly accurate solution to patients worldwide, while advancing the field of CRISPR diagnostics with innovations building on our discovery of new Cas enzymes to enable fully integrated, real-time multiplex testing,” said William J. Blake, Ph.D., Chief Technology Officer, Sherlock Biosciences. “Our and our partners’ assays are highly effective at detecting new, highly transmissible COVID-19 variants, making them a powerful solution to this global public health crisis.”

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Date Published: 28th June 2021

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