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6th July 2021  Product update: Front Range Biosciences

Hop-Latent Viroid Detection Assay Licensed by Commerical Testing Service Labs

Front Range Biosciences® ("FRB"), a cannabis and hemp genetics platform company, has announced a licensing partnership with AgriScience Labs, one of the oldest ISO-accredited cannabis and hemp testing labs in Colorado, and CERESLabs, a leading California-based cannabis, and industrial hemp analytical research and testing facility. Under the agreement, AgriScience and CERESLabs are launching commercial testing services for Hop Latent Viroid (HLVd) at their respective facilities leveraging FRB's patent-pending HLVd detection assays.

HLVd is one of the biggest threats to the cannabis industry. The disease can spread asymptomatically and is hard to identify, allowing HLVd to enter a production system and spread undetected. Once symptoms do show, the effects are often devastating.

HLVd reduces crop yields by causing stunted growth, deformed leaves, and smaller, sparser flowers with fewer trichomes. According to MJBizDaily, California operators have lost 10-30% of their crop from the disease, and internal data shows infected plants can also suffer up to a 35% loss in cannabinoid content such as THC and up to 70% reduction in yield.

"Hop Latent Viroid Disease jeopardizes not just the health of plants but also the economic health of cannabis and hemp producers," said Dr. Jonathan Vaught, Co-founder, and CEO of Front Range Biosciences. "AgriScience and CERESLabs work with some of the largest cannabis producers in Colorado and California. We're excited to see these partners leverage some of the tools we have developed in our efforts to mitigate risks for growers from this devastating pathogen."

To learn more about Hop Latent Viroid and mitigation techniques such as HLVd testing and the Clean Stock® program, visit www.frontrangebio.com  or use the 'Request Information' button provided below.



Date Published: 6th July 2021

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