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21st October 2021  Content supplied by: INTEGRA Biosciences AG

Electronic Pipettes that Improve the Reproducible Handling of Cells

INTEGRA Biosciences has developed an extensive portfolio of electronic pipettes – available in single and multichannel formats – and pipetting robots for the straightforward transition from manual cell culture to automated workflows. The entire range is designed to offer enhanced control over pipetting speed and volume to improve the reproducibility of cell handling tasks and reduce the influence of user-induced variation.

Manual pipetting and mixing techniques can introduce a hidden source of variability as the quality and consistency of cell handling can subject cells to different stress levels, potentially impacting their behavior and compromising the integrity of scientific conclusions.

Switching to automated and electronic tools can help to overcome user variations, providing greater control and uniformity of pipetting and cell manipulations.

INTEGRA offers a complete range of electronic pipettes and pipetting robots that allow users to select, document, and save protocols with defined pipetting speeds and mixing routines for the reproducible culture of cells.

These programs include a repeat dispense mode to aspirate a large volume of liquid and dispense it in small, defined volumes, reducing the number of transfer errors. The ASSIST PLUS pipetting robot goes even further by automating the workflow to remove the user as a source of variability and minimize handling errors. INTEGRA’s high-quality and sterile GripTip pipette tips that never leak or fall off are compatible with the company’s entire pipette range so that they can be used consistently across all liquid handling tasks.

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Date Published: 21st October 2021

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