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12th February 2021  Product update: Rapidvirology staff writer

COVID-19 Viral Load Indicator Can Help Triage Patients 

Integrity Laboratories has launched the first commercially available quantitative index to accompany positive COVID-19 specimen resulted through their EUA approved platform. 

The feature, known as AmpliteCt™, is a viral load indicator (VLI) and is achieved through an automated, quantitative methodology that categorizes the concentration of viral genetic material in a patient specimen. 

The AmpliteCt™ algorithm leverages several key data points, including cycle threshold (Ct), to accurately stratify COVID-19 positive patients within low, moderate, or high infection designations.

"The AmpliteCt™ Viral Load Indicator utilizes the ability of a real-time reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) technology to quantify the pathogen's genetic material in a patient sample in a very short time with high sensitivity and specificity, "said Maria Cekanova, RNDr, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer for Integrity Laboratories. "We are excited to begin deploying this much-needed advancement in technology to our healthcare partners." 

AmpliteCt™ VLI was developed by GenomIQ, a division of Integrity Laboratories focused on research and innovation of novel diagnostic technologies.  Work began on the quantitative-based approach to COVID-19 in September and was accelerated in conjunction with existing healthcare partnerships and validation studies.

"The AmpliteCt™ technology advancement into viral load visibility is game-changing for clinicians as they seek to triage the clinical needs of their patients," said Christian Clevenger, Integrity Laboratories Chief Executive Officer. "Having access to quantifiable indexing also helps to identify those that may be candidates for viral load mediated therapies such as convalescent plasma.  We are very proud of our team and their pioneering work in advancing diagnostic accuracy for COVID-19." 



Date Published: 12th February 2021

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