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26th October 2021  Content supplied by: MIP Diagnostics

Antibody Lottery is Eliminated with New Epitope Mapping Service for Assay Developers

MIP Diagnostics has launched its new Molecular Imprinting Epitope Discovery Service. This novel epitope mapping technique eliminates the 'antibody lottery' by identifying surface epitopes on a protein prior to the development of a new affinity reagent, in as little as just 2 weeks! This novel method allows IVD device developers to increase their chances of success when developing an anti-peptide antibody or nanoMIP.

  • Create affinity reagents that can differentiate between similar molecules
  • Overcome steric hinderance issues by creating an optimized binding pair
  • Compete with market leading antibodies by creating a binder to a new surface epitope
  • Reduce R&D times by creating binders with a higher chance of success from the start
  • Proven to work for notoriously challenging biomarkers 

MIP Diagnostics has carried out the process on several diagnostically relevant proteins. Human Galectin-1 and Gliadin were analyzed and the results presented at AACC 2021.

Click here to read the award winning research poster and watch MIP Diagnostics’ CSO, Alan Thomson present the results.

Visit MIP Diagnostics to learn more or send a quick enquiry using the 'Request Information' button provided below. 



Date Published: 26th October 2021

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